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The L. S. A. was founded in 1993 . Its membership is composed of researchers and professors from different Lebanese universities .


  • To develop sociology as a science with its proper methodology and rules. and to contribute in the development of a scientific approach to the social facts in Lebanon
  • To encourage research in the various social fields.
  • To Contribute to Lebanon's society development by means of theoretical and field research, developmental efforts and the raising of general awareness.
  • To work for the consecration and formation of sociology as a specialization and as a profession in Lebanon.
  • To establish close scientific and professional ties between sociologists and research institutions in Lebanon and abroad.
  • To provide advice and consultation concerning social problems.


  • Convening the first conference on " Sientific Criteria in Sociological Writings " (January 1997). The conference proceedings have been published in a book, which can be obtained from the secretariat of L. A. S.
  • The publication of the first guide for researches and works in the different fields of sociology in Lebanon (2000) . The book can be obtained from the secretariat of L. A. S.
  • The convening of academic encounters to discuss books published by colleagues in the field of sociology.
  • The L. A. S. has participated in writing the sociology text book for the secondary school level.
  • The organization of workshops for evaluation the contents of the secondary level sociology text-books.
  • Training teacherrs in the methods and techniques of teaching sociology.

70 members are registred in Summer 2001




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